Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Bucket List....

I was thinking about the items I have on my personal "Bucket List". Although I will confess that I've never really sat down to write a list or place each item in order of importance. I've been wanting to do that but I probably don't because if I want to pick one item to be my No. 1 I wouldn't know which one, they are all good and crossing off any of them will bring me just as much Joy.

I decided to start a list but rather than just numbering them, I will dedicate a whole blog entry to each one of them to remind myself of why it is that I think of it as part of that precious list I carry in my heart.

Today I was thinking of one in particular because of a song I was listening to while relaxing in the tub in the weee hours, when I wake up every morning of the week and use that time to watch fantastic videos that help me understand life better in every aspect and answer all my deepest questions. And sometimes I'm just in the mood to listen to my favorite music and this morning was one of them.

I was listening to happy upbeat music and some romantic old fashioned love songs and when Adam Levin started singing "The Way You Look Tonight" my Heart started to beat faster. Immediately I started to envision that Item I was talking about.

I have to go back to when I was a young child, my circumstances always threw me in the direction of dreams which in many cases became realities because I felt the emotions by living the dream in my mind, heart and many of my actions.

This items contains many of my yet to be fulfilled dreams of a well lived lifetime. I see my husband and I having this lovely party to celebrate our marriage, we got married in a beautiful Court right in front of the Pacific Ocean but there was nobody around to celebrate of witness the decision we had made to spend sharing each other as partners for the rest of our lives.  This will be perhaps in Argentina where his family is, with our four children there to celebrate with us.

We will take a professional dance class to have our first Dance as husband and wife, even though we've already been married almost 4 yrs. this June, we've yet to dance. Our first dance will be to the song "La Mer" because it was the song we chose as ours since we became friends years before we even thought one day we'd be husband and wife and the second song will be to "The Way You Look Tonight" sang by Adam Levine, who we will invite and he'd probably say hmmmm that's a good idea lets go to Argentina and travel around the country. And I even see us getting along as couples and going together to visit Patagonia with them :)

So there you have my first Item of my personal "Bucket List" in no particular order though.

Whichever Item I get to cross off that list I will be forever in gratitude as I am with all of the other ones that have come before and those that might come after.

What's in your "Bucket List?"

Hugs xoxo

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Janelle Graft said...

Hi Anita! I just read your story on the secret's website. Thank you for making my day! You are such a beautiful soul!!!!!