Friday, April 21, 2017

"By George I think I Got It!"...

We've all had one of those "I Got It! moments when something so simple that was there all along was the answer to all your questions.

A few months ago I stumbled into a YouTube channel called Mindalia Television that I recommend to anyone who understands Spanish well enough to listen to all the different perceptions and views there are out there and the many levels of understanding or even Enlightenment which is growing every day.

You can spend months listening to all the different information and might even become confused with it all, the best part for me is that it's all free access to anyone who wants to know, those of us who are in search of answers to Mysteries of Life and beyond; it's not because of the cost as much as that fact alone gives it more credibility to me because nobody is trying to sell you an idea, they are just expressing or sharing on their views and you make the decision of what clicks with yours.

What I do is I pay attention to the similarities they have, the things they all have in common and I make my own conclusions combining what they say with what makes sense to me according to my own life Adventure as I've always chosen to call it which now I understand is actually wherever I'm at in my own level of Consciousness.

If I go back to what I've written here over the years before I knew any of this information existed, I realize I always knew what my heart was telling me was right, that life is simple, that everything is LOVE, that we are all one creating our own individual experience in order to reconnect back to "Oneness" as it's called and that the talents and dreams that we come with are there for a reason and just have to focus on doing what we LOVE which is what we ARE and let life flow as it comes, just like the River does, instead of living in FEAR which is not what we ARE.

This last month I've been focusing on this one man's perception of LIFE as we know it and it all clicked for me.

He goes into every aspect of LIFE and much more than that with as much detail and uses metaphors that we can all relate to. Like for example he says we are not our bodies or minds or even emotions, all those are "bodies" individual from each other. So we have our physical body, our emotional body and our mind body and then there's us, pure consciousness, pure energy, pure LOVE.

He puts the example of the physical body as the car we ride in for this life Adventure we chose. We don't identify with it or any of the other bodies that drive us through this Adventure, we just take care of them and use them for the purpose they were created for, the mind is to read a book, learn a subject, you don't identify with it either, you are the observer, not the thinker.

I won't go into all of the rest, everyone has to make their own interpretation to suit their level of consciousness, the point here is that when something comes to my life that makes sense to me and that something resonates with every cell in my body I feel a total sense of relief, as if I was carrying a heavy load and all of a sudden I feel like skipping in the park like I did when I was a little girl. That's the best description I can give it.

I may not "like" every thought that comes into my "Mind Body" every emotion in my "Emotional Body" or everything in my "Physical Body" but since I don't identify with them and they are the ones I decided to "Embody" when I came down into this 3D Adventure I give them my essence which is LOVE and that makes me LOVE the Adventure for all that it is and flow with it.

"By George I Think I Got It!"

Hugs xoxo

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