Saturday, December 17, 2016

You Will Know How to Play the Part...

I've always admitted I don't vote and the reason I don't is because it's something I don't understand or like and there are only enough hours in a day so I rather put my energies into helping others and becoming a better version of myself than watching how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton  make fools of themselves with their rantings.

I wanted to get involved my own way the way I believe the country would really work and the world would gain a leader to look up to but my life got too busy just trying to maintain our heads above water.

Politicians controlling everything we do taking too much of our money which goes to support those who don't want to put the effort that I and many of us have to put to "Make Life Happen on Purpose".

Next month I'll be 65 work every day and help others.  I see first hand illegal large families who receive incredible benefits that I wouldn't qualify for and yet I pay for them to get the benefits, how ironic is that I ask? I was also an immigrant once but I never asked the Country for a dime, I believe its our own responsibility to see that we have a productive life otherwise why are we here? just to take space?

I've never met the man I believe would make the best President of the United States of America and he would be the first president I vote for. The reason he would make a huge difference in the way the Country is run is because he's already studied, played, rehearsed, understood and became for months or years perhaps all the roles that can run worlds let alone countries.

He was a castaway for years with just a ball for a friend, survived and went on to a happy life after that, he's been a little boy in a big boy's body and a big boy with a little boy's mind and met presidents like that, flown into space and made it back although the odds were against him, a prison guard, a scientist, succumbed to a deadly virus but died with dignity and honor, a cop, a book chain owner, a widower, a coach, an attorney, a comedian and even a toy.

If Tom Hanks wins the Presidency of the United States of America I will be glad to be his campaign manager even though I'll almost be 70 by then but whose counting. Which means that there is still a chance for me to meet and work with Tom Hanks. My number one wish on my Bucket List.

My daughter met him once when she was working as the hostess at a restaurant very frequented by celebrities in Santa Monica, CA she told me he was as kind and charming as he appears as is his lovely wife.

I'm not really the type to be anyone's fan in particular, I admire people's talents, but not to the point of being a fan, but I am Tom's No. 1 fan. I can't even describe the millions of emotions that I have experienced thanks to your movies Tom, I'll always be grateful to you for your talent but its how real a person you have remained in spite of your fame and the challenges of life that I admire the most.

I hope you do decide to run for president, all of us who believe in you can't be wrong. I know it seems like a huge job and I'm sure it is, but I truly don't believe there is one person on this earth who has seen your movies and seen you as a real person who wouldn't offer to help out with something somehow just because Tom Hanks told them to. You'd be as great at it as you've been in every role.

You WILL know how to play the part!

Hugs xoxo
Anita Shaffer

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