Thursday, November 10, 2016

Look She's Smiling...

Have you noticed that when something out of the ordinary happens to bring you to your awareness that the present moment is all there is that you begin to question your ability to control the emotions that don't serve you like fear?

Well that happened to me yesterday morning. I was out of the house before 7 am. I always give myself 1/2 hr. to get to the next appointment. I live in the neighborhood where I work so every place I need to go is no further than 15 mins. from my house, that way I can come and go in between appointments. I had to be at this school 13 mins. away from home at 7:20 am. so I left the house at 6:52. I still rely on my GPS to take me to some of the schools that are a little bit more hidden because I forget how to get there sometimes, the GPS shows you the fastest route when there is traffic and there is more than just one way to get there.

I was surprised that the GPS decided to send me through the riskiest route when there was this very large street that takes you there just as fast, so when I got to the intersection of whether to go left to the large street or take the GPS advice I hesitated and went right, I thought about it again but even so I still stayed the GPS route instead of the route my gut was telling me to take.

So I travel up that steep narrow street after crossing major upcoming traffic, I make a left and go up the hill, I cross another large street while my car is pushing its way up faithful to my command and I get to the really scary cross. It's so scary that there is a sign that says do not cross between 7 am and 4:00 pm and there I was at 6:59 am, took a deep breath, turned my face left there were a couple of cars racing down the hill, looked right cars looked far enough for me to go if the ones on the left passed me, so I put out my brand new little adorable car, the one that takes both my husband and I to work every day there and back, the one that takes me to all the schools and keeps me company in parking lots when I have to make time, the one that goes everywhere I tell him to without complaints and out of nowhere I hear a huge honk and feel and enormous rumbling and when I realized I was hit I saw it at that moment!

Nothing happened to me or to the woman who hit me, the car is a different story I'll let you see for yourselves.

The policemen were very kind and pleasant.They took my information, filled out a report, I called my insurance company and drove myself to the dealer.

Came home, handled the Insurance process and I noticed that every single person I had to go through in the different companies like the auto rental, the adjustor, etc. were helpful kind and sympathetic.

I made appointments for today to get the car appraised and a rental while our precious little car and faithful companion goes to the Car Hospital to get surgery for something I did or simply something that appeared in my reality to allow me to see that it can all end just like that, so why would I even spend one moment worrying about anything that happened or that is yet to come, why not just imagine the best and when that fatal crash does come they can close my eyes as I hear someone in the background saying "Look She's Smiling!"...

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