Sunday, October 2, 2016

"A Belief is just a Thought That You've Been Thinking"...

The other day I was watching an Abraham/Hicks video and it said something that really caught my attention. I had to listen to it several times so I could write down the exact words they used when describing what a thought is. They said "Whatever you are focusing upon is training you into a habit of thought. That's all a belief is. It's just a habit of thought". I never really gave any thought to what a thought is but when I heard that it made total sense.

For some reason it reminded me of an episode of the "Twilight Zone" I must have watched at least 30 yrs. ago called "Eye of the Beholder" It basically deals with a beautiful girl who thinks she is ugly because she lives surrounded by what we consider to be ugly and she is amongst the few beautiful people around and is trying surgeries to change her face to look like theirs.

What that tells me is that we can be convinced of anything either we think about constantly positive or negative or by what other people tell us consistently that makes us think, so if we are convinced that we are very creative because our mom and dad tell us constantly that we are, our thoughts may be positive because of someone else's view of us, on the other hand if we are told constantly that we are stupid, evil, selfish, lazy our thoughts will go there as well, at the very least we will entertain and then make the decision if we are going to turn those thoughts into beliefs or discard them.

Unlike other species we are thinking animals and we have to be very aware of what our minds are telling us about ourselves and everything else that surrounds us. 

Paul Shepard says in one of his books "Without other living species by which to measure ourselves we would be less mature, care less for and be more careless of all life including our own kind." 

I had a friend once who was a priest, our friendship was rather funny and unique, he would preach his advice to me but yet he would ask for mine as well.

One day I must have been caught up in having to make an important decision so he said to me you are not the thinker, observe the thinker. He said sit down on a sofa and that's the thinker, leave her there and then the real you come out of your body and stand in front of the thinker. Look back at the thinker and ask her what her challenge is, have her tell you everything she is thinking that has her concerned, then like you do with people you love or even strangers, look at her perception without the emotion involved and tell her how you perceive it and why and then merge back and act from that perception.

Well that was a very valuable tool for me to have because ever since that day I look at my life, my situations, my decisions even my emotions straight from that inside view of my life in this spectrum without allowing all those negative emotions that I carried my entire life in my thoughts, when I didn't realize those thoughts were not who I really am.

Now my "Habit of Thought" is simply no resistance. Everything is just as I intended it to be and I'm actively involved in making it better every day. Sky's the Limit!!!

Hugs xoxo

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