Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Stepping on the Cook...

It's only 5:20 am and we already had mates and espresso, caught up with one of the Argentinian Soap Operas I'm trying to get hooked on, there is so little on TV I like to watch that when I'm in the mood to watch anything on TV there's nothing I like, so I like to find a few things here and there, mostly talent shows of some type because it never seizes to amaze me how much talent there is out there in this vast world, I love to watch people succeed at their talents and love every minute of what they are doing. Some have these amazing stories of triumph against all odds. I tear up with every one of them.

Then we showered, made the bed, dried the clothes, put them away, organized the house, I took my husband to work and on the way back while driving in the dark with hardly anyone around me at this early hour, driving along familiar roads surrounding Lake Washington to come back to our gorgeous apartment I get to Meditate. I set up the tape that I want to Meditate with and I take it along with me on my ride home.

Once I get home and get everything squared away and I'm done making and drinking my Detoxifying Shake I start doing the things that bring me the most joy like writing, setting intentions, watering my plants, taking pictures, my coloring books or any craft I may be involved in at the time. Never missing my Music, I listen to Music that matches the mood I want to be in and it works like Magic!

Whenever I write I can never think what to write about because if I do I can never think of anything, the inspiration gets sparked by something I hear or something I see or experience. So my inspiration for this article was this step-stool.

I was taking pictures of the different things around the house because I like to remember emotions and pictures help me do that. So I took the stool because I loved it when we bought it and I love it even more now that it's been with us over a year and has helped us in the kitchen with me being so short or in the closets or even holding our plants on its steps and allowing them to showcase their beauty.

So I'm taking a picture of it and it wasn't coming out well so I put my foot to focus and the article came. It reminded me that my wish when I was alone for 10 yrs. was not to be in the company of a man because of loneliness or need, but because I know that when you are with the right person you can't help but grow at a faster pace and become a better version of yourself when you feel loved, needed, cared for and when you are allowed to care and love someone else again other than yourself.

Together hand in hand we've been able to become more true to our nature, he was always a salesman outside the house and a cook inside, now he became a cook outside and inside and that salesman part has obviously helped him sell himself, because from not knowing the language and only a few dishes here and there to becoming a great cook and butcher at prestigious very busy restaurants in such a short period of time he had to have been very in tune with his true nature to see the signs that took him there and put in the energy and the hard work to accomplish it. I always tell him that we are so lucky to be getting a formal education within our jobs and they are paying us to learn more of what we love to do.

So my Metaphor to all of this is that step-stool I love and take with me from room to room it's us finding each other at a crucial time in our lives and making it easier for each other to climb life's steps to success.

I Love Stepping on the Cook, and he lets me...

Hugs xoxo

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