Wednesday, September 7, 2016

It's All in a Day...

We may all think that it's about this history we are writing about our lives, we hold on to the past as if that was going to determine what today will bring and we reach to the future as if that is supposed to give any meaning to today, yes this today, right here and right now but it isn't about the history or the adventure, drama, comedy, terror, love, hate, poverty, wealth, knowledge, ignorance, it's not about any of that its just all in a day, whatever today brings that's what it is about because we don't have anything else, this may be it or this may be the beginning of a "Magical Mystery Ride".

If I were to go back and use then what I know now to make a decision all over again I think I would have been afraid to take some of the risks that I took that brought to my reality so many repressed and unfulfilled dreams to come true that even with the risks I took I would have never wanted to miss. I visited places and did things that were not even in my wildest dreams.

It's those experiences that have allowed me to continue to be a risk taker, a wild dreamer, a dream chaser. I Dare to Dream was the name I adopted more than 10 years ago. I even had a collection of license plates that I personalized for years that said idaretodream because that describes me to perfection. Well that and "Parallel Parked in a Perpendicular World" that too, but that's too long for a license plate so instead I used it for the Title of my Blog ;)

It took me years to understand the concept of Here and Now, not that I'm a moron, I know what it means but I didn't know quite how to apply it to my life I only knew how to worry and be in fear, that was familiar to me, but to release fear that was a whole different story. No matter how many books I would read they were all too technical for me, so to understand it I decided to write about it myself the way I perceived it and little by little it began to make sense to the point where I can't think the way I did for most of my life. I have tested myself with real challenges and I just can't seem to go back to the way I used to feel when something challenging comes my way.

I finally get that when you believe it you will see it instead of the other way around as we were told growing up, looking back at my life it was always that way but I never knew it was I who was being the creator of my own reality. When you understand that you stop living in pain or being a victim of a reality you are creating.

It's All in a Day... Go take it on!

Hugs xoxo

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