Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"I Wanna Be the Being that I was Born to Be"...~ Abraham/Hicks

As I've mentioned before I have my routine, one that I was finally able to create and follow along with it, there have been so many interruptions in my intentions that cause me to lose focus or at least to divert from it for a bit. I like what being able to focus does to me so I managed to create an environment that is suitable and conducive to creativity.

I don't know why I grew up thinking that I wasn't creative and the worst part is not that I thought I wasn't but I acted on what I thought so I didn't allow myself much room to discover it. I think it all came clear to me when I saw myself through my children's eyes, they were my best critics, they say it like it is and that helps me get a different perspective of my abilities.

One of the things I do for example is the moment I open my eyes my mind and my actions are all being focused on my intention for the day, first for the early morning when my husband is still at home getting ready to leave, I focus on very different things when I'm around him than when I'm not.

He is amazing at doing things fast, so when he is here I do all the picking up, organizing and tidying up that I'm able because he helps me and the two of us do it in 1/10th of the time it takes me to do it all by myself.

Once he leaves I prepare everything I will need for work, set my alarm to let me know an hour before my appointment, I open the bathtub to very hot water so it gets to be room temperature once I'm done writing.

I write for as long as it takes me to put down the thoughts and emotions that might be lurking around in my mind as in needing to come out for some reason. I notice that every time I upload the final picture that ties into the story I just wrote about my heart beats faster, I get a rush of adrenaline as if I had run for miles and was in shape. I suppose that must be what it feels like for someone to do something more physically daring. For me being honest with myself, being accountable for my actions and honoring my emotions is just as daring.

I do many things all day, these are just a few samples of the changes I've made in my life to give myself better outcomes, so maybe those who care about me and those I might be able to help can also benefit from whatever it is that's my purpose in this journey.

I just read the Daily Inspiration that I receive from Alan Cohen, he calls it "Wisdom for Today" and it said: "If you don't do something different, today will be like all the other days." ~ Alan Cohen I love the way he says things, clear and to the point.

Abraham/Hicks were right when they said "I Wanna Be the Being that I was Born to Be"...

Hugs xoxo

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