Sunday, September 25, 2016

I Have a Dream TOO!!!

My Dream is to bring happiness to as many people as I can. I want to see what makes people happy and help them reach that.

In my work I feel like the "Latino Ellen", I go around the schools and medical clinics getting in my car from one to the other, spending sometimes hours with a student's mom or a patient so I can translate and they can understand what is happening around them. It's scary not to know when you're at the doctor what they are going to do to you and why, or what is wrong with you. You can't even express what you feel. I love my job, I believe I'm doing a lot of good and earning a living with dignity, but I'm just one woman going around all these places to help one person at a time and I can't even buy a house or help my daughter pay her student loans!!!

I want to help MANY!!! That's the beginning of my Dream but it doesn't stop there...

My Dream is that Ellen will read this and decide that I sound like the real deal, like I could be her PERFECT Latino/Senior Citizen Correspondent. That she hires me to work for her out of anywhere she wants me to be, I'll move there trust me. That she believes I can be awesome at finding ways of bringing a lot of happiness to different groups of people I believe can use it the most.

For one I want to go to as many Retirement Homes as I can and get a toy company to donate dolls for this cause. I want to bring elder people a doll for adoption. We will give her/him a name, make a little ceremony and have that be this old person's companion for the rest of their lives. I believe this is a very powerful way to feel as if you're not alone. Just look at the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away and tell me if you didn't cry when Wilson got pulled away by the Ocean.  And he was just a torn up ball.

The other thing I want to do is change the way that older people remain secluded from the rest of the world without any young life around, without any animals around. I believe some of the nursing homes would welcome pets. A few dogs and cats would be the world's best medicine for the elder. There are therapy dogs that we can train to help soothe them and give them company and all the dogs would be rescued from shelters and very loved by so many.

My dad recently passed away and I was not able to see him again, my brother had to bury him alone. My heart shivers when I think of him in this lovely Retirement Center all alone surrounded by strangers just waiting to die for years.

I also believe there could be a combination of Retirement Communities that include a daycare inside. The elders that are able and willing can meet with the parents of these children and see if they can be mentors somehow. Include them as a part of their daily program.

A lot of older people that live in nursing homes have many talents they would still love to use even teach like playing an instrument or playing board games, sewing, knitting, doing crafts. A combination of the right person matched with the right child could work for both and the parents are gifting their child with the love of an older person who still has so much of it to give.

The children are the ones that get the most attention and that's to be understood, but older people don't stop wanting, needing, dreaming, wishing when we get old and our bodies don't want to do what our minds and our hearts still want. And usually there's never anyone around who wants to help an older adult.

And my dream continues with my beloved Latino Community. Although I was raised by all European Jews I was born and lived in Mexico for the first 26 yrs. of my life so  I became part of the culture that surrounded me. I love the traditions adore the food and many of the wonderful artistic creative traits that we get exposed to and raised with.

I have lived in the United States since 1979, I feel proud to have both be a part of my makeup and I want to share the wisdom I've acquired in my journey with the Latino community. There are things I have witnessed in all my years here that I believe could be tweaked in order for the portion of the Latino Community who is struggling to have more success.

So that's my Dream Ellen, I wanna be the Jewish Bobe giving guidance and gifts and hugs as well as represent the Latino Community through the eyes of a grateful foreigner who grew up there and was always welcomed with open arms.

So give me a call Ellen or send me an e-mail at

I'll be ANXIOUSLY waiting!

I Have a Dream TOO!!!

Hugs xoxo

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