Sunday, September 18, 2016

Google Maps...

When I first moved to this country back in 1979, when I was still in my 20s and starting a life from scratch, maybe even from debt, the first thing my husband and I bought was a AAA Club Membership. We felt safe having their protection, they handled everything from our trips to our Insurance to the guidance of where we are, where we want to go, what to find when we get there, how much will it cost, what rating it had.

I love Maps, always have for some odd reason, maybe because I love traveling and knowing where I am. When I have moved to many cities around the world every time I get there first I feel so lost, it is maps that help me find my way around and start to feel at home instead of in a foreign land.

Now there's the Internet, there's smart phone and GPS and my good friend and companion all day long GOOGLE MAPS!!! I don't think either my husband or I would have been able to adapt so quickly to our new surroundings first in San Diego, then all across the country to the other border, then finding our way around town, where to buy a car, where to park. We owe Google Maps our peace of mind that when we get in the car and are supposed to go wherever we have never gone before, Google Maps will illuminate our path and guide us right to the door that's going to be on your right side ;)

So I wanted to thank everyone at Google Maps and became proactive on paying back with what I know how to do, write and photograph. I post reviews, all around wherever I go I take pictures and post them on google maps to let people see what to expect when they get there. I tell them a little story of my experience there and how I feel about the place. My ratings are 99% for true excellence, I appreciate those who do their job with pride, although I have done a couple that truly disappointed us at all levels, I believe people need to remain accountable of their actions.

When I first started giving reviews and uploading pictures I had no idea they keep track and give you points and allow you to climb up the ladder, I'm up to Guide Level  #3. I thought that was a nice incentive to keep on people like me who like giving reviews and sharing photos to continue to climb up the ladder. It goes very slow but I'm not going anywhere I love finding something where I can help with what I love to do, give good reviews and take pictures of places and share them with anyone. I started 2 weeks ago and a week ago I get this e-mail direct from Google Maps congratulating me for having 1000 views on my pictures. It made me think wow, look 1000 people came to my gallery on opening night that's pretty darn wonderful. Well now this week I've passed 11,000, that's a growth of what percentage? I'm not mathematical  here but seems to me to be A LOT!! can you imagine what it will be years from now I'll become the talk of the town hahaha!!!

I love sharing what I like to do, what makes me happy and that all has to do with my inspiration to create something, whether it's writing, photography or some craft I get into all the time.

So this is a personal thank you first to the AAA Club, I'm still a loyal member since 1979 and now to Google Maps for holding our hand and not letting us get lost and just trust :)

Hugs xoxo

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Anonymous said...

HI Anita,
Good morning and Happy Monday.

Thank you so much for your loyalty and membership with AAA.
We really treasure you as our customer!

thank you for being part of AAA!

Anita Kam
Customer Service Agent
AAA Insurance Agency