Monday, September 19, 2016

Find Me...

I started writing this blog back in December of 2007. Throughout my whole life I have always written journals, diaries, stories, poems, kept scrapbooks, yearbooks, took pictures, videos, collected pictures of my ancestors that my mom and my grandmother had, made very elaborate albums for my parents, my children and kept a dairy of something interesting they did every day for the first 13 yrs. of their lives.

I know this sounds crazy and I'm sure the different reasons that motivated me to do all these things were right for me at the time. One thing I do know is that I love doing all these things when I have the time, energy and the clear mind because to this day I still do all of that, but I also have this hunch that the real reason why I've always like doing these things is yet to come forth in my life.

The blog was different than all the rest of the things I've started and stopped. Although I wasn't as consistent in writing on my blog as I intended from the start, I've managed to keep a lot of the things that come to my mind and I just find the need to write them down as they flow through me uncontrollably.

At first my motivation for starting were four different things, one to be the witness to my own adventure since I was alone for the first time in my life, it was like a bomb exploded in my MicroUniverse and I had to start from scratch and I had nobody watching my re-birth so I decided to write about it so I would go back and check my progress after a while. That still works for me, that still motivates me, because I am my most avid reader, I love to see how my trajectory of the past 10 years has brought me back to a good place in my life, only now with so much more wisdom, serenity, patience, faith and most of all Happiness.

The second motivation was to send out to the Universe all my unfulfilled dreams and desires and to celebrate each one as it happened. That too has always served me well, whatever I have asked the Universe so far I've got and then-some.

My third motivation was to talk about the way I perceive and handle my life, I talk about anything and everything so that when I'm no longer around and my children ever wonder what I think about something specific or how I handled a challenge in my life all they have to do is read my entries, it's all there, they might find something that can help them in their lives.

The fourth was to find a life partner. I opened myself to the possibility that he was out there also looking for me and I sent my vibrations through my writings, my photographs and most of all my emotions.

My first cover picture was one that I took at Del Mar Beach in Del Mar, CA. I was taking a walk at the beach with a friend and asked him to stop for a moment. I grabbed a long stick and brushed flat the powdered sand so I could have a good size surface to write something with that long stick. I wrote the words FIND ME! and then took a step back and took a picture of it with my writings in mind.
I got home and found out that Google had a place where I could create a Blog for free and keep everything that I write in one spot, the thought of keeping my writings all in one place was very attractive, so I picked a design, uploaded the photo I had taken at the beach that morning, gave it the name that described me the best "Parallel Parked in a Perpendicular World" that's how I have always felt and I wrote what came to my mind at the time. It's been 10 years since then and I haven't stopped.

Now that I have been able to accomplish so many of the dreams I started with I'm going to focus on asking the Universe to FIND ME! again, only this time I want the right circumstances to be able to fulfill the dreams I still have of helping others.

So once again but this time with different views, wisdom, desires and intentions... FIND ME!!!

Hugs xoxo

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