Thursday, September 8, 2016

Everything is Always Working Out for Me!...

A few weeks back I stumbled into this video I'm sharing with you here, I loved it immediately the first time I heard it, like a little child I played it over and over again for hours, even if it was just in the background as a sound I let it penetrate all the way through to my subconscious mind, she seems to be the one in charge so I give her what she seems to need or want and see what happens after that. Then once the honeymoon was over I started to listen to it just when I needed a boost in my energy or my belief, sometimes we may stumble into a challenge, feel down and this seems to do it for me, its an easy fix and most of all enjoyable to listen.

Now I'm at the point that I know exactly what to listen to and when, to always reach for the best possible emotion and stay there for as long as possible, with the understanding that it is I who determines if it is possible or not.

The more I listen the more I realize and accept that 'Everything is Always Working Out for Me', that maybe the consequences or the emotions felt weren't what I was thinking they would be, but even then, I learned how to listen to The Music in Everything that Surrounds me.

Yesterday I was talking to a lovely handsome young man, my daughter's good friend, they were at the airport and I was home and the call just flowed mostly went into music. What I told him was that my awareness tells me that every moment has to be lived as intensely as the emotions that we feel when we watch a movie. That to me one of the Main Characters in a movie is The Music, at the same level as the story, the protagonist, the challenge and the conclusion. Up there with all of them. With any of these components missing it just can't be as a good a movie.

I grew up watching movies to escape my own reality which was very challenging throughout. The music transported me to my emotions and I would become the protagonist of each movie that would truly touch my heart. The emotions were strong enough to keep me always feeling content and then things I lived emotionally through movies would come into my reality and they never would feel the same that I felt emotionally while watching the movie. I couldn't understand why that was.

So one day I was taking this University Course, they call it 'Diplomado' in Mexico, I have this dream of making my own movie, that one I knew exactly how it felt and there was a lot of everything in it, Drama, Tragedy, Comedy, Adventure, even Terror at some point. Just like a life I suppose. At that Course that was how to Write and Produce a Movie and they had this class given by a Professor of Music and director of The Association of Music in Movies who came from Spain to give this course.

Would you believe this little class in a little town from this big man turned on the light and gave me the answer. It was the Music that made the difference. The Music was the main character in order for me to feel the emotion of what I was just watching on a screen. Without the music I probably would have felt more flat. In real life, unless I make a conscious effort to listen to the music that life brings along with it, you may fall flat to the emotion and not allow yourself to feel it as it was intended to be felt.

My life at the point when I had that realization had already taken an enormous leap from where it started a few years back, but this realization made it very clear to me that I was responsible for my thoughts, for the things I do with those thoughts and with the way I feel inside. The music has been a therapy for me because I, like many, have this ability to play the tune that I want to hear according to the way I want to feel and accomplish feeling the way I wanted. That's the best Medicine I could have found for my Heart.

Everything is Always Working Out for All of Us!...

Hugs xoxo

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