Thursday, September 15, 2016

Even When Nobody is Watching...

There are so many things that we do when nobody is watching, some are normal and make sense like going to the bathroom. There are others I also love, like dancing, laughing, singing and pulling at my lower lip that always gets dry with the changes of seasons. That's unsightly so I do it in private, like flossing my teeth.

Now there are other things us humans do when nobody is watching and not many of them are as normal or as standard as those I just described. So what happens when you commit a crime when nobody is watching? or rob someone or something that belongs to someone who will then experience pain because of the decision that you made when nobody was watching.

When my husband and I first moved to San Diego, CA it was the first time in his life he had entered the United States of America and he was already 50 yrs. old. He had traveled to Asia and Europe extensively but just never to the United States. He had lived in various countries as well but this was a totally new experience for him at all levels.

I remember taking him to Old Town, one of my favorite places anywhere in the World, it's just these few blocks that contain parts of the past when California belonged to Mexico. It reminds me of how amazing it is that two neighbors both so rich with so much abundance in their countries and their people, have such different cultural standards and values and its just right there across the street.

In Old Town he had to go to the restroom so we walked to this lovely small Hotel I know. When he came out the first thing he told me, "If I were back in Mexico where he spent the last 25 yrs. of his life and someone went into that bathroom that has extra toilet paper rolls and towels and hand cream, it wouldn't last an hour before someone would put all that into their purse and take it home". I couldn't help but laugh at his comment especially because I knew he was right about that, not everyone is a thief but it's like one does it so the other one gives himself permission to do things that are not right When Nobody is Watching...

Somebody is ALWAYS watching it's you, it's what you are planting it's what you will pick up in the end when it's all said and done, it's how you will carry yourself through the day with pride, it's how you can look at yourself in the mirror and smile.

I pick up garbage on the streets and when I had dogs I would pick up after other dogs because I wanted it clean and it wasn't. I recycle all I can and smile at those who frown. I walk a step back when I'm waiting for the elevator and someone else is coming out, I don't just stand there and stare as if why are you in my elevator when I want to get in.

I wipe the sink in public restrooms as well as the seat because I like finding it that way too. I post a little sticky note that says "Smile you Know You Want to" because it makes me smile to think of the one who is going to read that, maybe it'll make them smile too. I leave the bathroom tender a tip even when she had to leave the bathroom and only her little plate was there. I do this When Nobody is Watching because I Am Watching and I want my life to be the way I mold it for myself. Even When Nobody is Watching...

Hugs xoxo

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Anonymous said...

Mom!!! I loved this it was so cute!! And i always think about you wiping down the counters in public restrooms made me LOL!! SO true! hahah I love it and you are so right about how you are accountable to yourself, and you are planting your own seeds. Love it. Love ya mom