Saturday, September 10, 2016

Buenos Aires for My Birthday...

Good Morning World, Good Morning Universe,...

It's funny what happens to me every morning, at first it takes me a while to just kick into gear, then once I'm on a roll I have to stop everything and take my husband to work if I want to keep the car for the day, I always hesitate about taking him all the way downtown and back it's about an hour round trip, but then I remember that once I put on those shoes and say yes I will have an adventure on the way there and another one on the way back. I will have felt so many emotions it will be worth hundreds of hours of therapy all wrapped up in just one hour of pure bliss, half of it in the company of my wonderful husband and the other half in my own wonderful company, I mean can you think of a better place to be than with yourself? or are you still working on that part, not quite sure what to make of yourself, one day you like yourself the other you hate yourself and there you are all the time you can't get rid of you!

So we're just about to get on the Freeway on our way to Downtown Seattle and it hits me all of a sudden, here we are only 3 yrs. in the USA only 3 yrs. as a married couple and we've accomplished the work that would have taken us ten years at a normal pace. We just do the intense courses and move up another step. So I said to my husband "Everything we planned for so far we got so I'm planning my next birthday. We are going to Buenos Aires to meet the Family" I declared.

Three years ago no matter how many times I repeated to him that we were going to get something, I always had to show him first and then I had to remind him I said so, he'd claim I was lucky, and I'd say it has nothing to do with luck don't you get it?

Today when I told him we were going to be spending my 65th Birthday in Buenos Aires being loved and cared for by the family I have and haven't even met? he knew we'd be there, he just said well I'll have to ask for vacation again, as if giving it a tone of a maybe, but I'm never a maybe he knows that so he said good we'll have to plan then.

And I bet you my daughter will tag along, maybe invite a friend, it's an awesome trip I'm sure they won't wanna miss it. I plan on having a 'Wedding Party' since we got married all by ourselves, I told this story before, we even had to pay a witness $14 to sign and then we went to a popular Pancake House for breakfast and a walk by the beach holding hands.

From today until January 24th, 2017 I will do one little thing every day to promote that trip not only takes place but it will be one to remember, there are important people I can't wait to see and hug again and others I'm so anxious to hug for the first time. I can't wait...Buenos Aires We'll Be There for My Birthday...

Hugs xoxo

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