Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Money Needs Me!!!....

There are as many levels between the wealthiest and the poorest as there are between their perception of their economical wellbeing and how it makes them act and feel. I believe that in order to see this clearly you have to have experienced both ends of the coin, otherwise you can only imagine what it would be like to be rich or poor, whatever the case may be.

For one I don't comprehend why economy has to work this way, it makes no sense that it does. I don't even believe money should exist, I think everyone should have everything they want or need for free in exchange for giving others what you have to give as your talent for free. Like a teacher who teaches my kids while I interpret for hers, someone else treats her as a patient or gives her some food they grew, etc. You get my drift I'm sure. Even spiritual leaders who want to 'Heal Humanity' or help you get 'Illuminated' will charge you to teach you how to do it that's only if their way happens to be the right way.

It's not that I'm a communist believe me, I enjoy traveling, going out to eat, to a movie, the theater, I love reading and doing crafts, owning a home, buying clothes and furniture and many other things that bring comfort and some balance into my life, hurray for those who know how to create wealth, I just think that we have the most important components, intelligence and we are loving beings, we all share the same dream, to be happy and if everyone helps everyone how can we not be.

Whomever invented money and laws and governments and religions never thought of the long term consequences, do animals have any of that? So are you going to tell me that the world is in such an amazing shape and people all get along because men have made so many advances, laws, rules and discoveries? are we better off than any of the animals roaming this earth, that's if us humans even allow them to do that. We'll even go as far as killing a gorilla that was already enclosed and kept captive for years because a distracted mother didn't watch her 3 yr. old son who fell near him! Are you kidding me?????... Who do we think we are to decide what the animals want to do with their lives? why do we train them to serve us? would we want another more intelligent species to do that with us?

Am I crazy to think this? am I the only one in this "MUNDO DE LOCURA" who can see life this way?

I had money and it made me afraid to lose it so I kept on accumulating and someone else decided to lose it for me and one day I had none. I was able to see the me who had a lot and couldn't see it from the other side of the coin and I thought to myself, am I going to keep waiting to have fun and be happy when (fill the blank).... or am I just going to start having fun right now no matter what, so I went to find the fun in my heart and now I want to give that gift to others that's why I write about my experiences, its so liberating and it doesn't cost a thing.

Some people have so much wealth that only accumulates dust in a bank or numbers on a piece of paper, then they have to pay the accountants, lawyers, investment counselors and bankers, etc. to keep that money safe and growing for what? just buy all you want, keep what you need to have a good life and then give the rest away.

The fact is that money exists and I'm not going to change the world with my ideas, instead there are so many things I want to buy and do for other people that I know will bring them so much happiness since everything costs money and there is so much accumulation of unused money just sitting there looking pretty on a piece of paper in the form of numbers for generations to come.

I'm one they'd want to give some of it to. I promise to make a wealthy person out there who is willing to believe in me very happy that he/she did, because nothing would make me happier than giving it to others I know who really need it, not in the form of money necessarily but in the form of something special that I know would make them as happy as they've ever been and I would find out what that is and give it to each of them in person one by one. Especially to groups of Senior Citizens and animals who are two of my focus groups. The helpless, the ailing, the lonely, the forgotten.

'I Am Here to Fulfill Dreams', that must be my Dharma or I wouldn't enjoy so much doing it and I'm stubborn and don't take no for an answer from life, I never give up, so I will not be surprised the day I get a call from my daughter screaming "OMG Mom Thank You Thank You Thank You for paying my student loans, I love you so much". I know my daughter and that's how she'll say it ;)

So Ellen, Oprah, Bill ( I even live in your neck of the woods) Mark, anyone.... MONEY NEEDS ME!!! ;)

Hugs xoxo

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