Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Can See Clearly Now...

It's interesting to me when we can finally start to notice that our lives are a total creation of our thoughts, feelings and actions. It's a big responsibility to put on our shoulders so that we can change what we don't like and keep pursuing our dreams without limitations or fears of any kind.

I see it in everything I experience in my "Life Adventure" like this morning for example.

I was at my building's gym at 3:30 am. My husband had just left for work and there is NOBODY around at that time,  I feel as if I'm in my own private gym in my 'Mansion' working out to get my strength and shape back, finally deciding to put on those workout shoes I've been too tired or too lazy or too discouraged to put on and go down the elevator 5 stories straight to the door of the gym.

We have lived in this building over a year and JUST NOW I managed to put on those shoes. Somethings you can call me "Speedy Gonzalez" but that's only when I like what I'm doing but when it takes that extra effort that comes from energy I don't perceive that I have, that's when I can win a Procrastination Trophy!!! although eventually I make up my mind and GET IT DONE but it could take a long time!!! Obviously I did have the energy since I am working out, but I've been like this my whole life and am fiercely trying to change that.

So while I was exercising to the music of a "Latin Workout" station where all the music makes me want to dance, I was thinking of all the things I thought would bring me happiness a few years back and I'm totally surrounded by all of them, although I aim high and am going to continue climbing my whole life, but now I know it's up to me putting on those shoes and going out to pursue all of my dreams because they are all doable and on their way to become a part of my "Life Adventure."

Test yourselves, look at your thoughts, feelings, actions and results and you'll see what I mean. I Can See Clearly Now....

Hugs xoxo

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