Monday, June 6, 2016

Many Shades of Gray...

We are emotional beings who learn how to think and I believe that one of the main differences in the way we view things has to do with a combination of our life's experiences and our interpretation of them. We can sway between perceiving something to be good or bad depending on how that experience affected our own lives and we judge it or others accordingly.

If all of a sudden your life takes you to where the experience that once proved to be negative becomes positive you may stop judging it and start giving it a different meaning, you may even adopt that view and try to communicate it to others the way you see it.

It is very difficult to know how we might react, feel or think in a situation unless we experience it ourselves first hand. We might think that we know what we would do if say we were attacked, imprisoned, become ill or even if we come into unexpected wealth or fall madly in Love because we think we know ourselves and how we would react in any given situation, but the truth is that we don't really know unless we live the experience.

If we watch a movie it seems very clear to us what the protagonist should do to obtain a good end result, but as protagonists of our own movies can we see it as clearly or are there many emotional patterns that we have created that may affect our ability to act the best possible way to bring on the result we desire?

We may judge something or someone out of fear, anger, pain, joy, jealousy, happiness, but there are as Many Shades of Gray in life's experiences as there are emotions who give the Shades their Hue.

Hugs xoxo

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Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed reading this Anita!!! I hope you and Fernando are doing well and have fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest. xoxo
Chantel Barbieri