Thursday, June 23, 2016

Let It Go... Let It Go...

"So what does that look like?" my daughter asked me years ago. How do you just let go of something that's hurting you, I try but the thoughts and the feelings keep on coming back. I remember taking a moment to think about that, what exactly does it mean when someone suggests that if you don't like the feelings or emotions that you get when you hold on to something that doesn't harmonize with you that you should just Let It Go....

I remember feelings of anger, jealousy, anxiety, depression and any number of emotions that are not pleasant nor do they render any benefits. When that happens to me my Intuition is telling me that it makes no sense to feel in dis-harmony with something you either can't control, something that already happened or anything you can't change or do anything about, and yet my heart feels a different way,  I didn't know how to control, balance or justify those emotions most of the time, so the day my daughter asked me "What does Letting Go mean and what does it look like?" a few years back I would've had no idea how to answer that. I was ridden with emotions that not only kept me down and were not in harmony with life, they became so strong that I had to take a physical and emotional distance from all those things that were throwing me totally off balance.

At the time I remember feeling serenity for the first time in a long time. It was as if I broke my last emotional fear of anything and everything.

When I found myself alone like that, whether it was self imposed or not, harmony started being my normal as opposed to something that I had to go in search of all the time. So when that harmony would go off balance it gave me a glimpse, a chance to understand why it happened and if I didn't like feeling that way I would just distance myself from that.

In time I started challenging myself to feel the emotions again without putting that distance between me and what was causing it and confronting what before would make me uncomfortable.

Then that became the new normal, the understanding of judgement to others, knowing yourself, seeing your shadow, knowing how to stay in the light, becoming more tolerant, not taking things personal and most of all how not to label every emotion as positive or negative.

When you manage to put all that recipe together it might fail you now and then, but for the most part the cake comes out smelling, tasting and feeling good, and if once in a while it doesn't, well you tasted raw dough, nothing wrong with that ;) next time you just remember the formula, the recipe, bake it a little longer perhaps and most of all if you don't like it, just Let It Go...

Hugs xoxo


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