Sunday, May 22, 2016

In Love with Maxwell Smart…

It’s later today, 9:00 am, I had the intention of writing at “Espresso Time”  but I just couldn’t focus, it’s Mother’s Day and I’m going out with one of the three most important people in my life, my son is taking me for breakfast. I wanted to rest, then get everything ready so that I could sit down to write and focus.

I was changing my wallet and the things I carry with myself everyday from the tote that I use during my workweek to the purse I use when I go out on weekends. It’s a beautiful two tone top leather purse I won when I was working at Brighton Jewelry at the San Diego International Airport.  I used to win fabulous prizes all the time, I was their best salesperson! 

It was a tiny but lovely store to the last detail that I always had the joy of keeping impeccable, it was the most incredible experience where I learned so much about myself. I took the job out of necessity, I had swore my whole life that I would NEVER work in sales, much less something I didn’t even care for. I’m not really a jewelry or a purse person. 

I don’t like to be sold to, if a salesperson approaches me when I’m looking at merchandise I tend to walk away, I rather be the one to look for them if and when I have a question. I didn’t want to be like that to others either. My experience there taught me that sales is not really about selling, you just have to be kind to people, care that what they want is what they get, make sure that if they decide to take something from your store it will make them happy every time they use it. The things sell themselves you just give someone your undivided attention and show them you care.

There was only one thing I really wanted from that store but just couldn’t justify purchasing it. The name was Maxwell Smart and it was this gorgeous tote. It had everything I wanted in one bag, but it's expensive and where was I going to use it? I was a salesperson selling affordable jewelry to women who were obsessed with it.

Now for my job I carry a tote every day and Maxwell has all the right compartments in the right places, and one of these days I’m going to walk into a Brighton like all those ladies did in my store and tell the sales lady “I’m in Love with Maxwell Smart”.

Hugs xoxo


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