Saturday, May 21, 2016

I See 52...

I don’t recall exactly when it started but I do know it was either one or two years before I turned 52. There were so many changes going on in my life that I must have asked my Angels for guidance, I was doing crazy things, things that under normal circumstances I would have NEVER done before nor would I ever do again, I was discovering different facets of myself that I had no idea existed on top of all that chaos and confusion I was trying to blend the me I thought I knew, with the me I didn’t, we hadn’t even met, just one day I showed up and I didn’t know what to do with that side of me that I didn’t recognize or knew how to handle.

I don’t remember believing in Angels then and even though they’ve yet to flap a wing for me so that my 5 senses can perceive them, I see 52 ALL the time!!!!!

Lately I decided to undergo a Paradigm shift, I was getting tired of “Groundhog Day!” and 52 started appearing more and more in my surroundings, it could be a license plate, the time of day (every time I remember to look at the clock to see if I may be running late to my next appointment, at least 8 out of 10 times it’ll be something 52), I even started to take pictures of the times and places and in one day I might have 30 pictures if not more of the number 52 and it shows up by itself when I’m not looking on purpose trying to find it.

This confirmed it for me, something is here guiding me and every time I do the right things, make the right turn, utter the right words, listen to the right music, do what it takes to help my Spirit grow and fulfill my calling they show up and say “Yup, Keep going Anita, you’re on the right path”...

Happy Day Everyone! May you all find the number in you path…

Hugs xoxo

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