Thursday, April 14, 2016

Where is The Music?... by @nit@

Before I have to go through the 'EXIT' door I promised myself I would write my story and I always keep my promises. Just so it's there to attest that I was here, that I existed that my life mattered,  that it was an "ADVENTURE" and that the power of one ordinary Mexican, Jewish, American, Israeli, British Citizen and soon to be Italian and Argentinian can be huge without even being noticed. (I should find out who is the person with the most Nationalities in the Guinness Book of World Records. maybe I'm it! ;)

But let's start at the end and we'll go backwards, because if anyone should take the time to read my Adventure needs to know if it's worth it to them because of the outcome, maybe you can identify with something and consider a different perspective for your Adventure.

I've always had thousands of questions about life, parenting, relationships, how to be in harmony with what is, acquiring tools and skills to be someone, to have things, how to pick yourself up if you fall all the way to the ground or should you catch yourself halfway? will you learn as much if you do that than if you fall all the way down? Is there anybody out there who really cares? or are we all just there when we get something back? What does that something need to be? I read the books, took the courses, read the articles, then I even started to write them, I began to understand but couldn't quite get the results I wanted, or at least the ones I thought I wanted.

I had no idea how to find out so I went and looked for the answers in my decisions, in my travels and in my many Adventures. To most it might be just an ordinary life but to me it was a Roller Coaster of Feelings and Emotions. Most of the time nobody knew anything that I was doing or feeling and yet at one point in my life I would have been petrified of being on my own. Agoraphobia, Depression, Anxiety Attacks, OMG I was invaded by Aliens! I had to go find out Who I was and What I was capable of , but I was older when that happened, I felt tired, defeated, so one day I picked up my suitcase and I just did it "I left to find the Music in My Life's Adventure".

So we are going to start at the End then you decide if you want to read on to how it all got me to this moment in "The Adventure of My Life" ...

Even if nobody ever reads my story, I can cross "Writing My Story" off my Bucket List, and isn't that what life is all about?

Off to Work for now helping someone with whatever talent or knowledge I might have acquired on my Journey, My Adventure...

Stay Tumed...

Hugs xoxo

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