Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Life After 44 Years In Prison

Even though I've been out in the world while this man was in prison for the past 44 yrs. and I've witnessed the changes, experienced, adopted and adapted well to them, like him I'm still extremely aware of the changes, I still sit and observe as if I was only a witness. I use them in my life, take full advantage of the things that now exist, don't resist them, but don't necessarily like them either.

I don't believe life is better because of the changes, 7.3 billion people on Earth and too many of them all alone. More illnesses, more crime, a broader gap between rich and poor, less empathy, less direct communication, more distance between humans in general.

People studying, shopping, dating and traveling through a computer instead of going out and re-connecting and when they do re-connect, even unite for a cause, it's only to fight someone else who doesn't see things through their perspective.

We are living longer so it's just more time we have to crave someone to love and be loved in return, someone who cares, someone who needs you to be there, while so many others get love and reject it.

I hope I can meet this man one day, I'd love to be his good friend and have him feel loved again.

Hugs xoxo


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