Sunday, November 1, 2015

I turned into you Mom...

It's always been said that the older we get the more we know and that's mostly because we have lived longer, have had more exposure to life and the ability to perceive experiences that we have had more than once differently. But that's only if you manage to perceive them differently the second, third, etc. time around.

My mom was an Angel but she didn't give herself that chance to perceive her experiences differently so she suffered a lot and that's one thing I didn't want for myself so I've lived a very different life than hers, made different decisions; but there are some things that I used to criticize my mom when I was younger and in these last few years I've been noticing that I am now adopting them as well.

Like wearing polyester clothes for their stretchability and comfort, not to mention comfortable shoes, wiping the shower when I'm done bathing, or saving the plastic bags from the grocery store to reuse them to line the garbage cans, doubled and all individually wrapped and storing them in the dishwasher that I never use because I much rather wash the dishes by hand.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and see my mom and not me staring back. I also see in my interaction with my children some of the same traits that I had with her and it makes me wish I had her around right now that I'm able to see those actions through her eyes and experience them through her perception. I wonder if my children will experience the same thing one day with their children and look back and see it the way I can now.

This reminds me that if I see something in someone else that I don't particularly like, I better look for it in myself. All I know is that no matter how many times I criticized some of the things that you did, I turned into you Mom...

My love to everyone

Hugs xoxo

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