Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Perception is The KEY!!!...

The Universe gives us all the options, but I believe its our "Perception" of it all that makes our reality seem either as an adventure or a nightmare.

One of the most amazing things I experience in my place of work is that I come across so many people in any given day and for an unknown reason some perceive me as one to tell their story to and I love to listen to people's stories. Find it fascinating how each one of us can perceive life so different.

Like the other day for example, this woman walks into my store and while looking at a bracelet she says "ever since my son died I don't like to buy any jewelry". So of course I immediately think she needs someone to listen, so I listen.

She spent maybe 10 mins. telling me her story and I believe that if a stranger trusts me enough to open up and all I have is 2 mins. to make a difference in their "Perception" of it so perhaps they can allow for more joy to come back in their lives you better believe I will take those 2 mins. and give it my best shot.

By the time she left the store the gleam in her eyes had changed. She hugged, thanked and blessed me and for that moment I felt blessed and grateful. Now at least she can see a different side of what happened to her, look at her life now and focus on the great things she has which came out of her difficult experience.

Happiness is and always will be a decision, and Perception is The KEY!!!...

Hugs xoxo

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