Saturday, January 24, 2015

The day of your birth....

They say you chose when to make an entrance into this existence and what you need to experience.  To quote a good article worth reading Did you ask to be born?

"So the Torah reveals to us this amazing secret: that ultimate choice was made by us, before we even existed. Before G-d emanated your soul and breathed it into your body, you were asked if you should be. So in every situation in which you find yourself, in every challenge you face in your life ~ you are there because you chose to be placed in that life.

We go through life complaining, "I didn't ask to be born...!" But a thousand times a day we refute that claim. With countless choices and actions, we affirm that the life we have is the life we want.

Of course we do. After all, we chose it." The life we have is the life we want"

So what that means to me is that I must be grateful for every person, experience, adventure, those who care about me and even those who don't; so I figured that if that's how I'm supposed to be and I resist any part of it, I'm not allowing it to be what is and living with resistance is not a fun thing.

Today I had no idea how we were going to celebrate and now that the day is about to end I couldn't have planned a better day for myself if I spent months doing it. It was simple and meaningful, my kind of day.

I'm grateful for my existence, I love celebrating the day of my birth because I chose it and because I chose to be me and all that I am and experience.

Thank you all who make my life special, to the the loves of my life, my beautiful children and my husband, to all my family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors, co-workers and strangers who made this day and every day special.

Thank you to me for choosing to be.

My love to y'all,

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