Wednesday, April 2, 2014

And the winner is....

I believe "LIFE is a GAME", we come here to play the game and the winner is the one who manages to have the MOST FUN!! no matter what challenges we have at any moment. I also believe that if we are having fun no matter what our circumstances are, we attract MAGIC and with that we can change our experience, so you can discard the experiences that are not helping you in the FUN department and replace them with the ones that do, the best that you can with what you have.

Children come with that knowledge and that's why they act the way they do. But somehow along the way adults teach them how to halt the fun for the right time, as if there is a right time for us to enjoy and a time to stop enjoying, we shame each other for enjoying too much sometimes, have you noticed?

Don't run, don't scream, don't laugh so loud, don't play right now, don't trust, don't give, don't receive. Then we take all that we can't do along with us throughout our lives and as we experience fear, pain, sorrow, stress, lack, jealousy, resentment, etc. etc. along the path, we forget what it was like to just have fun.

We obviously don't want to believe that its all about that because if we did we would act accordingly. We would all be helping each other instead of competing against one another.

I was watching the video of this little girl. She must have been so enlightened in her past life that look at where she started in this one. See it for yourselves. But pay attention to the FUN part. She can probably make more money than most of the population of the world but she is having so much fun that my guess is that the money doesn't even cross her mind. She looks relaxed, confident, charming, very bright and she beams. And why is she having fun???? Because she loves what she does and it shows in everything she does, the way she looks and what she says.

Come on people lets wake up and start caring about each other. Do something every day to show a stranger that you care without expecting anything in return. If it works for you the way it does for me, you will become so enamored with the results when you see that you made a difference in a stranger's life even if its just by gifting them with a smile. And that's an addiction I don't mind having.

Hugs and kisses to everyone out there...

Go show someone you care ;)


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