Sunday, November 10, 2013

What Happiness Isn't...

I think there are only two ways that you can look at life, as "Challenging and Painful" or as a "Happy Adventure" the situation could be the same for two individuals and one will perceive it as the first and the other as the second. So does that mean that our happiness depends on the perception we have of our lives rather than what happens in them?

We all have different values, wants, needs, realities, experiences, but should we start paying more attention to our perception rather than to what's outside? Is that what the spiritual leaders refer to as "Going inside oneself?"

I have lived it and seen it both ways, and every now and then I still experience anguish, fear and pain, but now I learned how to "Go inside myself" accept what is and change my perception.

But what if you don't seem to be getting the results you were expecting, or there are difficult and painful situations on the road to your dreams, you worked so hard at getting something only to see it fade or get taken away, you were about to reach the stars and failed, you are used to getting everything and then one day difficult challenges come your way, you wish you had made different choices, should you put Happiness on hold then until you get what you are looking for? and what if you get what you were hoping for and you're not happy then, or if you change your dreams to something else. Should the efforts you put into the things that in the end didn't work be considered a waste?

Happiness is always there even in very challenging situations because its not tied to an individual, a situation, an event, a possession, knowledge or preparation. It's not a thing we can mold or purchase, it's a decision we have to make by changing our perception.

I don't like the feeling of fear or pain anymore than anyone else, but I'm grateful to them because they allow me to exercise my perception.

What if we started today to take responsibility over our own reality and stop blaming everyone and everything else? What if we "Go inside ourselves and change our perception" give the other side of the coin a chance to shine now and then?

I believe our happiness is our responsibility! Are you taking it?

Much love xoxo

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