Sunday, September 15, 2013

Experts at 'LOVE'

I don't know how many times, in how many places, through how many people I have heard and read that we are all supposed to be 'ONE". The way I see it we are like the ocean. If you take a globe and turn it upside down so as to see the South Pole, you can tell it is just 'ONE' Ocean, I don't care what part of the world you're at and what color and temperature is your water, its just 'ONE' Ocean, in all its magnitude and glory,  it just gets diverted by land. That's exactly how I see us, 'ONE BEING' divided by mind, by EGO.

Even if we wanted to think about it in a selfish way, doesn't it make sense that we should just try to give 'LOVE' since we are giving it to the 'Being' that we are a part of?

I was told by expert oceanographers that if you throw anything into the ocean anywhere it affects all of the Ocean since its just 'ONE', so why do we all keep on affecting each other instead of just giving 'LOVE',  I think if we invested as much time giving love as we do in trying to be better, richer, more powerful, more knowledgeable and try to identify with all that, we would become "Experts at LOVE' and then we can identify with that and be proud. I think it takes less effort, the results are always more fun, we have more to look forward to in our day instead of everybody being so stressed out. I personally don't know of anyone who is not somewhat stressed out, no matter what their status in life. And if you ask me I think the more you have, the more you have to be stressed about.

Yesterday was the 'Day of Atonement' in my religion and I'd like to say sorry to whomever I hurt with any of my words or actions. It's a time to take conscience of just that and time to try harder to become "Experts at LOVE'.

My LOVE and GRATITUDE to everyone out there. 

Hugs xoxo



Anonymous said...

I read your recent blog. Anita, you're the best writer I know! Excellent viewpoint!


Anonymous said...

Well thank you my dear Frosty that was a very unexpected and lovely compliment. I've written a lot I'm sure you'll find something else you might like.

Hugs to you always xoxo