Friday, December 28, 2012

Re-inventing my life every day...

I was asked to translate my last post so for those of you who requested it here it is with a few minor changes...

Every morning when I wake up after doing various things that have become a lovely routine like sharing some ‘mates’ and ‘tostadas con manteca’ which is the way he refers to buttered toast with a great friend of mine and walk my little Dieguito, I begin to review and feel an enormous sense of gratitude for what I accomplished, created, lived, experienced, learned, taught, helped, asked for help, won, lost, gave and received the day before, making sure that way that all my efforts to live a full day weren’t in vain, and then I proceed to re-invent my day again. 

Taking responsibility for my own happiness and not wanting to stagnate is not a simple task, since it requires motivation, discipline, mental, emotional and physical work constantly, while trying to maintain at all costs a balanced life.

We are beginning a “New Era” so much has been said about this for so many years, speculations about what will happen, but in reality none of us knows what awaits us until it actually happens, I made so many plans and speculations of what I would be doing on this day and reality was very different. I decided to go at the last moment to a relatively remote area surrounded by nature where there is a Geyser that spits out  intensely hot water with a huge amount of minerals  that have relaxing and curative properties.

What will happen to me next year, or in a decade? How could I possibly know that if I don’t know what I will be doing in the next ten minutes.

The 21st of December was a very important date for all humanity and I was alone, secluded at a hot mineral water pool resort, ate mexican food, shared some time with strangers who became friends, watched a movie on my computer, wrote and read a bit and then the 22nd came along and I was re-inventing my day all over again.

May your days be filled with hope, love, balance and harmony.

Happy New Year 2013 everyone! I'm rooting for y'all! 

Hugs with  p

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Only lunatics would eat moon rocks.