Monday, September 3, 2012

Politics and Religion...Oh My!!!

The main reason I don’t vote is because I don’t know enough about politics, I’ve never really been interested in it, in my humble opinion it doesn’t seem to work very well. If I were the ''President of The World'' you can be sure I’d do things a lot different. And I believe that unless I take the time to learn and decide to educate myself more on the subject, it would be irresponsible of me to cast a vote.

Same thing happens to me with religion. Now that we have all the access to information that came about with the new 'Computer Era', there is so much that you would have to read to become well informed to make an educated decision on what seems to make the most sense, that the best I have found that works for me is at least exposing myself to as much knowledge about the different religions as I can, simply to be able to pick and chose the teachings that I like about each one of them, and build a religion of my own.

My experience with organized religion has been interesting. I was born a Jew with two great-grandfathers who were Rabbis and in a mostly catholic country, was raised by my very Jewish family and a nanny that was like a second mother to me, a tiny Mexican woman who was as Catholic as they come. So I went to Temple and I went to Church too. I love the traditions of my people and have always celebrated all the holidays and always will, but I never considered myself a religious person, rather a spiritual one. I find good things in most religions, and some I don’t believe in, so I don’t adopt them in my lifestyle.

I dated a guy who was a hardcore Scientologist, so I decided to expose myself to a bit of that as well. It too has some good teachings but only on the practical day to day life, some that don’t apply to the way I see life, although I failed to find the religious aspect of it, and some things were extremely strange, more like weird to say the least, so I adopted what I liked like how to better learn or communicate with people, and left the rest for those who believe in it.

Now I’m exposed to the Laws of the Universe, and that makes the most sense to me, because it explains my whole life. Before I was confused as to why some things had happen to me, and now I totally understand why. I recently started to learn Kabbalah and this 'Science' as the Kabbalists refer to it is totally new to me so I'm curious as to what it's all about.

If you ask me, I think the “Laws of the Universe” should become a religion, that way you get more people interested in doing the right thing as a group, helping each other by re-enforcing and strengthening their beliefs, and I would definitely vote for that!

To your continuous harmony

Hugs xoxo

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