Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'll wait another 5 mins. for you if I Have To =)

We all have a different idea of what we would want our 'Perfect Life Partner' to be like, today I decided to make a list of the characteristics I look for in a relationship. I have a clear vision of what they are but have never done the exercise of writing them down.

I started with the obvious ones so as not to forget anything and was curious to see if it would be a long or short list, to cover everything I went on YouTube, searched for the words 'Perfect Mate' and this video was the second of the list, since I like what 'Abraham' has to say decided to watch it and voila!!! there it was, the perfect description, I couldn't have said it better myself!

So thank you 'Abraham' for describing my "Perfect Life Partner'
"I'll wait another 5 mins. for him if I Have To" ;)

May you all find your "Perfect Life Partner'

Hugs xoxo

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