Sunday, July 29, 2012

When Somebody Loved Me...

For some odd reason I've been watching children's movies again more frequently, hadn't done that for years but keep on bumping into them, I guess they are trying to tell me something so I wind up watching and they have told me more than I ever expected to get from them.

Take this song from Toy Story "When Somebody Loved Me" you would have to be made out of Wood (no pun intended) ;) not to cry or at least get emotional after you watch this video, even a Wooden Toy cries at this ;)

So many decades and so many experiences that turn you into a different person but the minute you begin watching these movies that bring back all the hidden memories of your childhood you realize that inside nothing has changed, you just perceive it differently according to your life circumstances at the moment. You just have to stop and remember!
I watched the full version of the original Pinocchio by Walt Disney the other day and it transported me into this magical world, I remember feeling this same way the first time I saw it, just listen to the first song "When you Wish Upon a Star" and the concept of a conscience that even though he was entrusted with this wooden puppet making the right decisions, he has NO control over the decisions he makes. I guess he just wasn't paying attention to what his conscience was saying, he just wanted to have FUN! ;)

No matter how old you are the child inside you is still there, still the same, you never stop wanting, desiring, dreaming, loving, caring, feeling, in fact the emotions become deeper because you've experienced so many of them and because you realize you have less time to enjoy them. It's never too late to "Wish Upon a Star" because "When You Wish Upon a Star, it makes no difference who You are, anything Your heart desires will come to YOU!"

Dreams DO come true, go make yours happen....

Hugs xoxo


Anonymous said...

Yes those were from me.

I just love to read them. They give me perspective and help guide me in a positive way.

I find that I go there quite often whether to read look at your photos or just listen to the music you have on there.

I just love the new background.

Love you,

Anita said...

It just gives me so much pleasure to know that my efforts bring joy to someone, you really never know when you put yourself out there so openly what any one person is going to think of you, I just do it to release what I have inside and so if someone finds it helpful and I know that they do, it brings me the same joy that I get from creating the post in the first place, that's why every time I get feedback it's just a little bit of a battery recharge since I put out so much and get back far less than that. You have to take it from everyone so you are never depleted I suppose, I'm just learning how not to need it from anyone, because then you have to feel like that little wooden doll remembering what it was like when somebody loved you and you forget what it feels like. I have to love me so I don't forget jajaja! You're always welcomed in my house, Mi Casa es Tu Casa, glad you are able to make yourself comfortable in there ;)

Luvya xoxo

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thx again

Anita said...

Not sure what exactly you were looking for but I'm very glad that you found it here =) It's my pleasure and your comment made my day too so we're even ;)
Hugs and come back anything xoxo

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Gracias por compartirlo, Anita. Siempre he pensado que las canciones juegan un papel muy especial en las películas... y en nuestras vidas.