Saturday, July 21, 2012


I've lived in places so small that every time we came in or went out and closed the door the furniture would rearrange themselves =)

I remember at 22 when I  got married our first tiny studio in Mexico City where my birthday gift from my husband was that he would re-arrange my closet because I hated doing that, it was so small that there was no room to put anything and I don't like to be messy. I loved him for doing that, it was much better than any material gift to me.

I also lived in big houses, in one, to communicate with my kids, we would do it through messenger, I kid you not!!! though it does make me laugh out loud just to think of those times, it's like a different person lived that life.

Now these are my humble surroundings and I don't think I've ever loved a house so much. The house is very old and to go to the bathroom you have to go out into this patio and go into the bathroom.

This is what my patio looked like back in March when my two kids came to visit me, I had the whole patio decorated to make them feel welcomed and warm in their own home. I wound up taking down all the paper decorations for logical reasons but those "BIENVENIDO" balloons that are made out of thin foam are still hanging in all their glory welcoming anyone who crosses that door, they especially welcome me and my little dog Diego every time we go out for a walk. I love feeling "Bienvenida" in my own home, and I'm always so grateful to be able to have all these life experiences.

I hope you have this feeling too, you never get tired of it.

Hugs xoxo


Anonymous said...

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Anita said...

I want to thank you and your sister for your trust and compliments. Wishing you all the best. Hugs xoxo @nit@ =)

Chanmadchen said...

This reminds me of places I have lived as well. It is nice to be happy with our place we rest our head and call "home". I love that the sign remains to welcome you or any friend when they walk thru. This looks very beautiful my friend and just looking at the photo makes me want to come in and have a visit.
All my love,