Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So that's Kabbalah? hm!

First of all even though I'm Jewish and proud of it I am NOT religious AT ALL nor have I ever been a true follower of any Organized Religion since they don't fit in the way I view life to be, but I do love the Traditions so I try not to miss any holidays, at least didn't while my kids were little, then moving to Israel allowed me to follow all of them, even if I didn't want to I didn't have any choice, that country my respects with the traditions, I mean on Yom Kippur for example the whole country comes to a standstill, it's pretty darn impressive, you feel like you're in some kind of a 'Twilight Zone' episode jajaja, no disrespect, just never experienced anything like that before in my life.

I remember traveling to Tzfat (spelled many many different ways), this little magical Hassidic town kept secret even from the Israelies for many years and where it is said in the Jewish religion that the Messiah will come from Tzfat on the way to Jerusalem (you can read more about it here) Tzfat - Safed We'd walk down the narrow stone streets of that town built on a mountain and Kabbalah's origins, I could spend hours telling you about the mysticism of that place but you really have to experience these places where time has in many ways stood still.

The point I'm making here is that I was curious about Kabbalah before I went to Tzfat, but once I was there I just had to know what it was all about, and especially because you hear so many things being said about it, like when they refer to it as the Mystical books of the Bible or The Hidden Books, you're not supposed to read them they said, or go deep into it you can go crazy, well that just triggered more and more curiosity for me of course so I went on a search where I could just briefly understand what it was without investing too much time on it and I found this site that totally vibrated at the exact same frequency that I have been for years.

I kept on saying exactly what I was reading on this free e-book, I re-read it and there it was, I always thought life was really easy, can't anyone see that? its giving what you do best and receiving from others what they do best, that's what I understand Kabbalah is saying to me, everyone calls me a dreamer and I seem to be the most awake, I don't get it, I'll leave it up to you to see what you think. I'm not saying I know everything AT ALL, in fact I probably know very little, but I DO know how it has worked for me Parallel Parked in a Perpendicular World

Kabbalah is NOT a religion, its just what life is, giving and receiving, it's THAT SIMPLE!

Kabbalah - What is it?

I don't particularly subscribe to any specific idea, religion, practice, indoctrination, science that I research, delve into, read, listen to, etc. the only thing I can go by is what I know has worked for me in my 'Life Adventure' my own intuition, whatever wisdom I've acquired over the years and keep on acquiring every day everywhere I look. I used to exist, like everyone does, NOW I LIVE AND I LOVE and to me that feels a lot better, it's THAT SIMPLE!

My love to everyone who reads me, and to those who don't, wherever and whomever you are I send you good Energy, that's the only kind I carry with me nowadays, it weighs a lot less and I like to travel ;)

Hugs xoxo

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