Saturday, June 23, 2012

"If I Knew Then, What I Know Now!"


There was an article my daughter sent to me January 18, 2011, exactly a year and a half ago, well I was cleaning my e-mails, too much clutter I don’t need in my life right now when I’ve become a minimizer and very little satisfies me very well, so I see this message of hers asking me to please please please read this article and to do it for her and we’d discuss it later.                                                                                                                                                              
Now I’m in the habit of reading everything my children take the time and effort to send to me because I love and respect their words and actions. I have learned so much from them, but this article must have gotten pushed down as new e-mails kept arriving and I had to tend to them and 1-1/2 yrs. passed and just when I was truly ready to read what was on this article it found me again, knocked at my door and said to me, “Hey you forgot about Me, remember me now? Are you ready to read me?” 
 I was actually quite excited to have found it and confessed to my daughter what had happened with it and she said, "well good that you found it, you must read it slowly and take it all in, this is the right time for you to read it", so I did and it just blew me away because I recognized so much of me in it, the good part is that even though all this information is pretty new to me, a lot to take in at once, my intuition has been telling me what to do. or maybe I've just been paying attention to what it says and how it feels and seems that finally, in my older age, I’m beginning to do the right thing intuitively. 
 it only took me 50+ yrs. to get it see? so I can’t possibly not do the right thing now that I know cause I am NOT willing to go through any more discomfort than absolutely necessary or waste one more second of my life, once I’ve gotten over to the other side of the river, nothing is keeping me from moving forward with the fulfillment of my dreams, as many as I can, otherwise it’s like we’ve always done, all of us, looking back and saying “If only I knew then what I know now, then I’d do it different to get better results” but that’s always hind-side, that doesn’t even count, since there is no hind-side, what’s important to remember is that NOW I KNOW BETTER, so if I ignore what I know from my own experiences, then don’t you think I deserve to get the pain and all that comes along with it? If you know now why do we keep on making the same mistakes over and over again, don’t you wonder? Here is a link to the article she sent to me, see how much of it if any, you can identify with.

Do you Love to be needed, or need to be Loved?

As with everything that I write, to whomever takes the time to read I send each and every one my Love. I receive quite a few anonymous comments, thank you for taking the time to do that, but if you ever want me to reply you must leave me your e-mail address. 

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I like.Thanks a lot. I suscribe to your blog.
Kisses from Spain


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Hola Anita:
Como siempre, me encantó que compartieras este nuevo tema de tu blog. Ya sabes que me fascina tu modo de escribir y de expresar tus inquietudes. Siguiendo el consejo que precede al artículo que refieres, he empezado a leer sólo las primeras líneas para ir digiriéndolo poco a poco. Es muy interesante.
Te mando abrazos cariñosos. Cuídate