Friday, May 6, 2011

Showing up, Being Yourself and Taking Action!...

And it JUST came to me as I was about to go back to sleep, I had these sleepless couple of hours we sometimes have when we have to get up for some reason and then can't fall back to sleep, so I stood outside on the patio, leaned on the old concrete wall, stared at the beauty of it all, thought of the decisions I'm about to make and decided to ask my Angels for a sign, I want to listen to my intuition this time instead of to my emotions so much, they stir me wrong sometimes what can I say, I'm definitely having a full blown human experience.

So I finally get into bed, now I can close my eyes, and in my slumber try to listen to that intuition and maybe there'll be a sign somewhere, I open my blog to write an idea for an article so I won't forget by tomorrow, but first comes the horoscope I receive every day, I must confess I know very little or almost nothing about Astrology, but my daughter and some friends do and it stirs my curiosity, well this one I receive is spot on to what my life goes through on a day to day basis, I usually read it at night so I won't be influenced by it in any way, in essence reading what already transpired so I started to read what it said for today and there was the sign I asked for, it was so clear I had to smile at my 'Angels' and be in gratitude that the answer was right in front of my eyes, or wasn't I paying attention to my own words of advice I give others? shouldn't they also apply to me? ...

My HoroscopeAstroSync

There's no need to show off your cleverness today, for those close to you already know that you're very smart. Instead of overstating your case or rambling on too long about your latest great idea, just show up and be yourself. Your intelligence shines through your actions as well as your words, so walk your talk instead of trying to convince others that your plan is the best one.

So show up, be yourself and take action.

I think I better go do the same!

Hugs xoxo



Aron said...

Anita siempre sera Anita! Gracias por permitirnos "leerte" de adentro para afuera.

Anonymous said...

Hola Anita.¡ Que alegría tener noticias tuyas¡.¿Cómo te va todo?. Conociéndote imagino que muy bien, cuando menos eso espero yo. Te recuerdo a menudo y me he hecho seguidor de tu blog. Por cierto, te recuerdo que me tienes que enviar una fotografia de tu hija la modelo dedicada. Me hace ilusión.
Un cariñoso saludo desde España


Anonymous said...

Me encanto!! Love you :)) beso

Anonymous said...

Hola Anita, te ves super feliz en esto de la cerámica, suenas muy feliz y realizada, correcto?
que gusto.
un abrazo,

Anonymous said...

Querida Anita:

Gracias por compartir tu blog. Me encanta leerlo. Lo he dicho: tienes el don para escribir.

¿Sigues en San Miguel?

Anonymous said...