Thursday, April 28, 2011


So yesterday started a little bit different, I went off to run some errands I'd been postponing for lack of time and they needed to get done, I planned my day the night before, I'm getting a little better at that than just waving it and trusting it'll unfold well, of course a day NEVER turns out as planned, it sometimes turns out better sometimes worse, but never as planned.

My morning went great, I'd say better than planned, I was done with everything and thensome a little after 11, almost as planned, and then the day started to go wrong. After a few frustrating hours waiting for an important call that never came, I decided to go home and do something positive with my free time, but the hours before and the uncertainty left me uncomfortable all afternoon. Then came night time, now that was what turned my whole day around. I agreed to go out when I really didn't feel like it, I wasn't in the right frame of mind to be around people, I'm usually pretty talkative and didn't feel like making conversation or meeting strangers, and I still was feeling uncomfortable about the afternoon because I hadn't had a chance to talk it out in order to be able to let it go, but once I got out of the house the whole perception of the day began to change.

I have to confess that I had a sensational time, so much so that a few of these people wound up at our house where we lit a great fire, had some snacks, drank some tequila, listened to music, watched videos and shared photos, sang, danced, told stories and enjoyed getting to know each one of these lovely people who I now consider to be friends, and we stayed up till 7 am. when nobody could keep their eyes open any longer and we all decided to go get some sleep.

Now today of course I paid for it cause most of the day I spent it just lying down doing nothing, but that was good too, I certainly wouldn't have given up last night for a day's rest.

My days are all like that, some more exciting or interesting or accomplished, etc. than others, but each one of them an adventure. Today I read my Horoscope and this is what it said:

Everything seemed so straightforward before you actually began to execute your rather simplistic plan. You realize that you have to stabilize your recent explosive growth or you could risk losing what you've already gained. Sticking to your agenda makes sense, but only up to a certain point. Following a hunch and reconsidering your direction may be the smartest thing you can do now. Just remember that taking lots of small steps is more reliable than just a few giant ones.

And when I got to the part that said 'you have to stabilize your recent explosive growth or you could risk losing what you've already gained'. it made me think that maybe I'm going too fast and should slightly put on the breaks, just so that I don't let the ride get out of control, somehow my instincts are telling me to do that.

Last night one of my new friends said to keep on doing whatever it is I've been doing if I want to get to where I see myself, and believe me nothing is going to stop me now, I just need to "Slightly put on the breaks"....

Here's to your great ride.

Hugs xoxo

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J said...

Sounds like you are happy and content. Living one day at a time is sometimes the best way to live!Wish I was there!Hugs and lots of kisses. JA