Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Complete Circle

by Ilana

It's absolutely fascinating how you can spend your whole life in opposition with something about yourself. It takes a whole process of hating it, picking at it, trying to change it, ignoring it, making excuses for it, finding justice within it, blaming others, causing destruction. And then one day, you see. You see why its part of who you are, you see how it serves you, you see that it can only be that way. But it took the process of suffering and aberration to get to that point.
Where are we heading? We don't know. None of us really know. Yet the small cycles we witness that go full circle within our lives are teachers of what we are in now. Along the cycle there may be moments of ups, and downs, but you're still going round. No matter what, you are still going round. And eventually, no matter what, you will reach the end of your cycle, only to begin a new one.
What about when you're dreading something with all your being, feeling like you will die if this particular thing happens. And then it happens. And at first, you feel like you are going to die, anguish possesses your being. And then...comes this soft, spirited air that envelops your body and lets you see clearly- as if a grace from God. You are free. Freer than you could ever feel in your whole being or imagine with all your mind and heart.
Is there good? Is there bad? Can we have one without the other? I don't think so. They create each other. They are one and the same. The good is bound to bring the bad for we cannot stay in that state for eternity. And the bad brings the good. So is there such thing, really, as duality? In this world it primarily appears so. But with close observation and an open mind you might see the complete circle.

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