Friday, December 5, 2008

Parallel Parked in a Perpendicular World...

I often wonder if I read that phrase somewhere, or made it up in a moment of solace and despair. I just remember thinking one day that I felt as if I was 'Parallel Parked, in a Perpendicular World' because I can't see life the way most people do.

I have spent the past 5 years of my life getting to know my inner Source, and came to the conclusion that I was right all along, I'm definitely "Parallel Parked in a Perpendicular World".

In these past 5 years I discovered that I had no idea how life worked for the first 52 yrs, so can you imagine all of a sudden waking up at 52 and saying OMG you gotta be kidding me, I was just doing it the way I was taught.

OK so I say well I'm a bit beaten up and exhausted, I put a LOT into my life and it failed me in many ways, but I ain't quitting now that I figured out how it works. 'Lets Make Life Happen on Purpose.' this time.

So I get all excited, put on my rugged boots, some comfortable jeans, I know I have a long haul here because the more I read, the more I realize how much I need to learn.

I get bombarded with information, it comes from so many different sources, and every one of them claims to be the best one. And of course I want to learn all of it so I can mold my destiny the right way this time, but it gets overwhelming when you keep on reading that so many people claim to know just the right secret. And the one thing that they all have in common is that if you don't learn their secret, you'll never be able to mold your destiny the way you want to.

So I rise up to the ocasion and I go to the seminars and take on the courses, read the books and listen to the tapes and that's not easy because you have to earn a living and you have responsibilities to fulfill, and I'm still sitting here behind my desk thinking "I know all of this but what's the secret to getting it faster, I'm missing an element here. From what you tell me I should have gotten everything I dream of and thensome and I'm still two legs short a five legged stool.

There wouldn't be enough hours in a month to do the things I'm supposed to do in a day if I followed everyone's advice.

I mean don't take me wrong, I owe A LOT to all of the people out there who give so freely of yourselves and you are so dedicated to your cause, my admiration and outmost gratitude, I'd be even further behind without you, but in the very humble opinion of a simple, caring, middle-aged Mexican/Jewish/American and soon to be Israeli woman, I actually believe life is very simple, a lot of people resist change and everyone goes their own way, there is way too much negative energy out in the world for it to work in harmony. You can try to make a dent and you guys are doing an awsome job at that, but the negative energy still permeates the air and it gets tiring to be constantly pushing against it. Seems that most people rather suffer than change.

I've said this many times, we all have a talent, a gift, something we are passionate about, we ought to give freely of our gift to others who need it, since we love doing it anyways, and then others can share their gift and we can all have everything. Do you see that ever happening?

If everyone did that we wouldn't need meditation and there wouldn't be wars because we would be in a constant state of serenity and zest for life instead of so much turmoil and chaos, nobody would lack for anything. All of mankinds advances are amazing, but sometimes I think that the more we create the more we destroy.What we need to do is go back to basics and start teaching all of the new generations how it works so we can stop the chaos instead of perpetuating it or contribute to making it worse.

I never want to stop learning and teaching, to me that's what keeps life challenging and interesting, never complacent or boring.

I'm on my own mission, while enjoying learning to live in the moment, no matter what, just for right now I have everything I need, and since now is all there is, I have everything all the time. I guess I'm just happy "Making my Life Happen on Purpose"

Hugs everyone xoxo



Mark said...

Loved it
You became an excellent storyteller
Luv m

Mark Shaffer, M.D.

Anonymous said...

Magnífico Anita! beso. A

Michael said...

Thanks, Anita. Gorgeous pictures you got on your blog. :)


Karl Moore said...

Oh that’s wonderful – I really like your blog J

I love the way it’s personal too... photos make a big difference. I try to add them to mine so that people see the “real person” behind the site.

Thank YOU for sharing, Anita!!
Karl Moore

Aron Gilbert said...

Antita, you will never stop to amaze me, you are writting better and better, tank´s for sharing your hart with us.

Aron Mendl

Arina said...

I read 'Parallel Parked in a Perpendicular World…'. I
found it absolutely amazing! You definitely have a talent for writing.
I especially loved the piece where you said that we all have our own
special gift, something we are passionate about, which we should
freely share with others who need it. And then if other people would
share their gifts, there would be no need for wars, for envy and
Thank you very much. It has given me inspiration and brightened up my day.


Lorraine M said...

My sentiments exactly... the more we create, the more we destroy. I loved this whole post. Thanks.

Dick Warn said...

For many, it takes 45-55 years to begin to understand the questions. For even more, they never get it. The classroom called life is here to help us discover our true nature. You have done well and your willingness to share is a great gift. Keep giving ... it is the key to getting.

Thank you for being you.

Ilana said...

this was very inspiring! completely lightened my mood. Love ya!