Friday, October 10, 2008


~ Boredom occurs when you're not happily occupied. If you really have to spend 40 hours of your life a week making money to support the rest of it, shouldn't you enjoy it? ~

This was a part of my horoscope today, and I thought it was RIGHT ON!!! After I read it I said to myself OMG Anita what have you been doing? wasting your time with work when you could be having fun doing what you love to do, why are you still postponing it?

I wanted to share it with you because it applies to us all! in one way or another we postpone having fun, until...

Until we go on vacation,
Until we get home,
Until we graduate,
Until we become rich,

I need to start having more fun!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone,

Hugs xoxo

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