Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm a Rebel...

I consider myself to be a rebel and proud of it!

I'll admit I'll break every rule I can, so long as I don't hurt anyone in the process.

I believe we are all unique and as such have unique talents, and it's our responsibility to find ours and put it to good use.

So do you know what yours is? I challenge you to find it!

Hugs xoxo

Challenge The Status-Quo
by Gary Vurnum
It's almost as if we are expected to be robots. Our parents' generation were happy with working 40 hours a week for 40 years to retire on 40% less than their salary. Are you?

We are all under pressure to 'conform' to the stereotypical view of who, or what, we are. You work in accountancy so you are dull…you work in a fast-food restaurant so you are stupid…or you are a mother who stays at home to look after her kids so that she doesn't have to 'work'. Don't accept it!

Challenge other people's expectations of you. Never accept something because you feel that you should. You have unique talents that go far beyond your occupation…use them or lose them!

Action Point: What unique talents are you holding back? What's the point in having a life if you don't get some satisfaction from it? Don't wait until it's too late before you start having regrets of making more of your life…where's the fun in that?

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MARK said...

I stopped in to read ANITAS Page and thought to myself OMG I will get bored reading all this "STUFF"
Guess what Anita I wasnt As usual you manage to do an excellent presentation that is full of knowledge coming from your thoughts The slide shows the music all put into a wonderful setting Thank you Anita for Sharing a itty bit of YOU cause I know there is way to much of you to put on one page
Your more Precious than any Stone that comes out of the earth
Keep on Sparkling Corazon
from an OL Friend Proud of YOU xxx MARK in Canada xxx