Sunday, September 14, 2008

Don't put Happiness on Hold...

In reading one of the postings of a blog I subscribe to by the name of AWAKE it reminded me of one of the handicaps that I've had to work on overcoming, which was thinking that I was supposed to put on hold my happiness until.... and you can fill that blank with anything, like:
  • I'll be happy when I finish school
  • When I get married
  • When I have kids
  • When I buy my own home
  • When my kids go off to college, etc. etc. etc.
I decided to post this blog because I think it illustrates what most of us do.
I hope you find something to bring you joy today and everyday.

Hugs xoxo


Don't Delay your Joy

by Louis Majors

Driving to town today, I listened to an interview of Charles Marshall regarding his book ‘The Soul Mechanic.’ When I got home and started to read the introduction one line really jumped out at me… Live for the experience of living! Wow…what a line! It re-minded me that when we choose a ‘goal’ to trigger joy and satisfaction (ie: I’ll be happy when….) it might delay us from living in joy all the moments leading up to that one point and all the points after our acheivement.

Don’t get me wrong…there is nothing wrong in setting goals and working towards that end. But if I don’t enjoy the process all the way it doesn’t make any sense to be unhappy 99% of the time when I can create and hold the energy of joy any time or all the time if I so choose and program my subconscious to surprise me with joyful and happy events in my human experience. Most of this is unconscious because as infants we were taught the ‘reward’ system by our parents/guardians. It started with the ‘good child/bad child’ program as we tried to appease our parents/guardians and evolved into peer approval to gain self-worth.

Of course the easiest path to ultimate self-worth and self-love is found within where we always have the power to effect our energetic resonance and therefore our experience. That reminds me not to delay the experience of the energy of joy and love that already exists within me AND that I can trigger and release any time and all the time if I so choose.
We know as ‘conscious’ humans I can choose as a goal to experience and expect JOY every moment and the universe will respond each moment with the appropriate objects, people, and events.

PS: One problem with setting target goals to trigger joy is it tends to make us evaluate each event as ‘working for’ or ‘working against’ my goal thus triggering the appropriate up and down energy in my emotional resonance. Also it’s putting the horse ahead of the cart to ‘wait and see’ if events bring me joy INSTEAD of knowing my personal power and changing my subconscious expectations to expect joy and fulfillment from every experience thus making it happen correcting the disruption created by my past self-imposed uncertainty.

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