Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The World is Watching....

Today after I got home from work and finally settled in and began to write, while sitting in front of my computer reading some articles I spotted the little 'Cluster Map' that I added to my blog less than a month ago, just curious to see for fun if anyone in the "World was Watching ME," and to my surprise I noticed that for someone they don't know or care about, someone they might never meet, there were a lot of people watching from all parts of the world. Some have even taken the time to write to me, and leave me comments it's been very rewarding and a real eye opener!

At first it felt sort of strange, because when you expose your life to strangers, you make yourself vulnerable and open for judgement, but fortunately for me, like I said before in one of my blogs, "Who Cares?" I figure I harm nobody and maybe I can even help someone who is going through something difficult, maybe they can just come to my cyber-house to watch a short video, or listen to some music, or read one of my stories and smile. I know from the experience of living them, I've had many interesting stories, like we all do. Maybe some people just need someone to vent with who will listen to them, or someone who can witness a part of their story.

I like to listen to people's stories, they fascinate me because I always learn something from all of them, you can learn from the kind and the evil, the wise and the not so smart, you can even learn from crazy people. Lately I've been learning a lot from my new little puppy, not to mention my kids.

I write because I love to help people, I love to be part of the solution and not the problem and I believe we all have a lot to give and the obligation to give it.

We all have something we are good at, I am good at giving and I'm even learning how to receive ;o) now that's a biggie for me!

It feels good, have you tried it lately?

Go give, and then come back and tell me about it, I'll pat you in the back.

Hugs xoxo


Anonymous said...

Gracias, Anita. No cabe duda que me identifico mucho contigo poque compartimos el mismo gusto por escribir. Es mi pasión. Lo que siento es que no logro organizarme para darme el tiempo para hacerlo como quisiera, ni tampoco para leer con calma los blogs de gente como tú y otras personas de quienes disfruto mucho leer lo que escriben. Por mi parte, yo procuro tener siempre abierta mi compu y un archivo en el que apunto cada idea que me viene a la mente y que me parezca de algún modo trascendental, o si no me da tiempo de desarrolarla en el momento, por lo menos apunto una frase de referencia para retomarla cuando tenga tiempo. Eso si, ¡lo disfruto muchísimo! Creo que no hay que dejar nunca de llenar nuestro espíritu con esto, y si de paso, ayudas a alguien, como veo que es tu intención, pues ¿qué mejor? ¿no? Quise haber puesto este comentario dentro de tu blog, pero no logré que me abriera la página donde se escriben, pero aquí te lo dejo junto con un gran abrazo.


T. Lavon Lawrence said...

What a wonderful blog! You are AWESOME! By the way, did you get a chance to go see Wall-E?