Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life is a Miracle!

Can you see the beauty in this, what an amazing miracle life is?
Can you remember the immense joy you felt? you knew life would never be the same!!

Can you recall the feeling enough to feel it again?
Can you see that love is all there is, that you can do anything if someone believes in you and is there to love you no matter what?
I dare you to feel it again!! and see what happens then! ;o)

Don't forget to come back and tell me! I'd Love to hear!

Hugs xoxo


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Anonymous said...

I found your post on Karl's blog and your heritage struck me all of those wonderful heritages in one person. I am a Texan of Anglo stock living just North of you in Harbor City between Wilmington and Lomita on the edge of San Pedro. I followed you link to your blog and found it very interesting. I too write a blog for white Dove Books of the United Kingdom . It's England I guess I just love the sound of the UK. I believe in things spiritual. I bill myself as a Tarot Reader Extraordinaire' and I am. I have a 5 card Tarot System with medicine wheel that I use and created that works like none other I have ever seen.
I really enjoyed your writing and wanted to write and say hi for your picture intrigued me for i just loved you hair.