Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who are you?

My heart is Bohemian, free spirited and passionate. I'm the architect of my destiny, proud mother wife and friend, closet wannabe producer, director, singer, actor and dancer.

My first name means 'Favored Grace', my last name means 'Valley of Roses'; put them together and you've got one graceful sensitive but sturdy flower with a few thorns in a vast open space!

I study faces, notice the rhythm people move to and the orchestra they create together. I do things that feel right and those that will help me fulfill dreams.

I love using my senses, laugh and cry at movies and make up names for the people I love.

I travel the world and get lost on the streets of wonderful places where I manage to create great adventures.

I press my snooze button twice, involuntarily close one eye when I apply lipstick, sing and dance when I'm alone, study body language for fun, talk to strangers to learn their stories and try to teach and learn from all those who cross my path.

Do you know who you are?

Hugs xoxo

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