Sunday, May 4, 2008

Help someone, anyone...

I know it isn't easy to think of helping others when we have our own lives to deal with on a daily basis. Most of the time there is always something pressing that takes our full attention, let alone the things we have on our 'TO DO LIST', where we usually scratch one thing only to add a new one. But you would be surprised how easy it is to help others without taking away from what we need to do for ourselves. Help comes in many ways, shapes, sizes, deeds, actions, etc.

Lets take for example one very small thing I do on weekdays. Every day on my drive to work I have a choice of either taking the freeway that gets me closer to work and where I would spend less on gasoline, or get off on another exit and drive for a couple of miles on a long street with many stoplights, where I know I am going to come across these guys that sell newspapers for a quarter on a specific corner. They are recovering addicts that do this as a project, and you see them walking towards the cars when the light turns red, always waving at everyone with a huge smile on their faces. I see car after car sitting at the light chosing to ignore them, not only by not purchasing the paper, and we know everyone can afford a quarter, but by not waving or smiling in return.

I happen to work in Marketing, so part of my job is placing ads in newspapers, and I get tons of them for free, I don't even like reading the newspaper, but I LOVE the warmth that comes out of these men's faces when I hand them that quarter. You would think I was giving them the keys to a new car by the way they thank and bless me.

I can't think of a better way for me to start the day, and it certainly didn't take much to make someone else happy. So today when you walk out your door, find ways of making a difference; smile at someone, pay them a compliment, make people that cross your path know that someone cares.

Hugs everyone xoxo

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