Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finding Happiness...

This afternoon I watched an MSN video of this ADORABLE big elephant who takes a dainty paintbrush with his nose, and he draws an elephant on a canvas, holding a lovely flower, and even draws the leaves and the grass. I couldn't help but smile the entire time I was watching it, and in spite of the fact that I had just had a very difficult experience the whole day and night before, at the end of this video, I had released the tension I had and began to feel happy again, which is now my normal condition (most of the time of course).

First it made me wish I could get inside the elephant's mind to see if this was bringing him as much joy as what he was giving to those of us watching him. I wondered if he had any idea of how talented he was compared to most of the other elephants in the whole world :) or if it was just us humans who could actually be conscious of those emotions.

If everything is energy, and thoughts do become things, and humans are doing most of the thinking, I knew I had the responsibility to try to control what I was thinking by learning how to control my emotions.
Happiness is MOST DEFINITELY and without a doubt, a conscious emotion. It's a decision we make with every single thought.

There are some incredible resources that are available to all of us just for the taking, and when you manage to pay attention to your life, you begin to see how these resources come to you when you ask for them consciously, when you find out what your purpose in life is.

I will highly recommend a few main resources, at least I have been able to get the most comprehensive information after weeding through the huge amount of information you find out there.

Start by login into and in those two sites alone you have a lot of intelligent and well written information based more on scientific findings, but with a very simple, positive and encouraging outlook, without making you feel overwhelmed or that it is out of your reach, because it's not at all!

Read the New Eckardt Tolle Book 'A New Earth' or his previous book 'The Power of Now'' and you can watch the class Oprah conducted every Monday for 10 weeks to cover the book in detail with the author, you can see all the classes on her website for free,

Get the 'Science of Success' tapes or the 'Harmonic Wealth' book from James Ray, go experience one of his free seminars, he does them all over the country. I am lucky because a lot of the people who were in "The Secret" live right in my backyard, so I guess I'm surrounded by good Energy :) Deepak Chopra lived a few blocks from where I raised my kids.

Sign up for the free 'Thoughts from the Universe' by Mike Dooley they inspire you while putting a smile on your face.

Order the Astonishing Power of Emotions (The Teachings of Abraham) by Esther and Jerry Hicks It comes with a great excerpt CD from one of Esther-Abraham seminars. Not only is it insightful and leaves you feeling very empowered, but it's done with humor and makes you feel that it is so easy to attain.

Get the free Sedona Method DVD you realize how simple it is to let go of anything that you don't want in your life.

Happiness is as much a habit as sadness, you just have to substitute one for the other, but to do that you need to understand how it works, and then you just go do what you need to do, to feel the way you want to feel, and in the meantime, love what you already have.

For me, my best teachers have been my kids. I wrote an article once called "My mom gave me my life, but my kids taught me how to live it." I gotta find that article!

Good luck to you finding happiness, its right there, see it?

Hugs xoxo

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