Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yes it’s a Daybreak!...

I was listening to Barry Manilow’s songs tonight, they help and inspire me to keep on believing because I finally came to understand that all these people who had become GREAT at something, anything, were just people who believed, and whatever it is that I still want to become and haven’t yet, is because sometimes it’s hard to believe because you have been without for a while and you forget what it feels like to have.

As Daybreak started to play, for a moment I wondered if I would remember the words, it has been a long time since I last heard that song, I found that I did remember the words, for some reason I memorize many songs and never forget them, even in languages I don’t understand, but what I also noticed was that I never paid attention to the meaning of the words, and that this is not the first time that this happens to me with a song.

I even remember as an adult singing children’s songs to my kids, and as I was listening to the words that were coming out of my mouth, to see what I was teaching them, I paid attention to the meaning perhaps for the first time. It sure came as a surprise to me to realize I have done this many times throughout my life, so now I try to listen and pay attention to the meaning intended when the artists wrote and sang the songs, and try to imagine what was behind them.

Tonight I was having a particular enlightening type of an evening, and when I feel like that, songs seem to talk to me, and Day break sure did.

And as I listen and sing and dance to this music, feeling it deep inside of me, I realize I’m already making it shine, shine, shine all around the world!

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