Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to You....

A Measurement is Born…By @nit@
First and most important of all allow me to say Happy Birthday to my new measurement. I’ve been thinking about this for a quite a while, and I finally figured out why my new measurement could change the way people view their lives. So this is a celebration, I think any birth is worth celebrating!

I’m sure most of us realize there is a measurement for EVERYTHING… the only thing I can’t figure out why we don’t have any measurement for, or at least none that I have come across in my 56 years on this Earth, is a measurement for 'ABUNDANCE'….. I don’t believe there is such a thing, so I want to give Birth to a 'MEASUREMENT FOR ABUNDANCE' sort of like a standard where we can base ourselves when we want to see how we are supposed to be feeling, and whether we think our lives are happy, harmonious and content for the most part. I don’t mean to say that we shouldn’t have challenges, how would we know otherwise what it feels like to win, to feel euphoric, content, happy, excited, etc. if not by having experienced the total opposite.

I ask you how much Abundance are we supposed to have? Is there such a thing as too much Abundance? I don’t know, you tell me. All I see is that there is such an ENORMOUS gap between total poverty/helplessness, and some people who seem to have everything they are told they should have to deem themselves successful in life; the relationships, the money, the health, their physical appearance, their successful careers, and they wind up trying or succeeding at messing up their lives and even some at committing suicide. And yes of course there are many shades of gray in between. What I believe is that if we don’t create a lower expectation of what abundance should be, there will come a time where we will never be able to reach total harmony. The standards seem to keep on getting higher and higher.

I’ve been reading a lot about “The Law of Attraction” and I think I can finally understand why my life has been the way it has. It is exciting to know that with the right thoughts, feelings, accompanied by actions, I can accomplish anything I want out of life, and from experience I realize now that I was always in control of my destiny
, but I only started realizing this about two years ago, so imagine all the mistakes I made my whole life, even as early as 2 yrs ago I was still doing most of it wrong. Now you can understand how this made me shift the responsibility of the outcome of my future entirely to me, and I take my responsibilities very seriously. So the hard part was just starting, forget about the way I was doing things and learn new tricks. No more blaming the environment, the job, the family, the friends, luck, etc. Can you imagine the wake up call I experienced?

I have gone from the worst of tragedies to the heights of success and back a few times, and when I think of those moments that stand out in my mind, where I keep my fondest memories, my best ones happen to come from the simplest of times.

We can have a surplus of Abundance, and that could be much better than just the standard, but we have to be very careful that we don’t have an overflow of abundance, where we amass something to the degree that it goes to waste. Just think about it for a moment, we have say Royalty. In how many rooms in their palaces do they live? I bet you they have rooms they don’t see too often if at all. How many cars, jewels, clothes or "stuff" that we pile up do we really need? Is bigger always better? Or maybe it’s just bigger. As a child I know I liked the simplest of things, and even though I’ve developed a more sophisticated taste and more desires, I find that it is still simplicity that brings me the most warmth, joy, serenity and inner peace.

If you are born in a third world country out of poverty, chances are that your standards are set very low for you from the start, because as we all know, for some people it really does seem like an uphill battle that they will never win, so they settle for very little, and anything extra that comes their way, they appreciate it probably more than those who have everything they can possibly need from the start.

Then there are those who are born of wealth, and without too much of an effort they have over abundance and it either overflows and drowns them, or it goes to waste when others could be making great use of it, or they simply can never get enough of it, and in my opinion, in non of these cases can you experience true harmony, there is turmoil going on inside. Too much, too little, or none at all.

This is a 'HARMONIOUS' Universe, and as spiritual beings we are all connected through mind and soul, and if we set standards and we can stick as close to them as possible; although some will ALWAYS have more than others, because not everyone either understands the concept or is willing to make changes, the closer we get to the baseline, the more Harmonious this Universe will be for everyone.

This is an Abundance Universe, we can all have anything we want, but it shouldn't be what we have that determines how happy we are, or how much we enjoy our lives.

To those of us who are lucky enough to know what we want, we should always be able to make every single one of our wishes come true, and there should always be someone out there happy to help us along our quest to reach our dreams, as we should be happy to help others reach theirs.

We don’t all start out the same, some have better and easier beginnings, but if we teach and help each other, get a little bit closer to the baseline, maybe we can have more strength to bring on a lot more Harmony into this World…

I’ve gone from Pleasantville all the way to The Matrix, I have learned how to pack my backpack, although I do have a few pebbles inside my shoe. I better take them off and stick my hand inside to get all those little annoying pebbles out of my nice shoes…

Ahhh, that’s much better, now let me just wash my hands so we can hold hands and keep on walking, this promises to be a GREAT TRIP…
All aboard whose going aboard…..


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